I see the logic of the argument but the fatal flaw is that it doesn't address the "why" of children... It seems that our society doesn't place value on family and "feminism" particularly delegitimizes any "motherhood" that would subjugate the mother away from more "legitimate" uses of her time... not sure how an internet connection fixes that.

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i suspect women are more apt to do pregnancy/motherhood if they have a strong male partner and a community around them to support child rearing.

perhaps satellite internet facilitates tighter knit, decentralized communities / villages

the path / strategy is unclear

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Would be even better if a big player like Musk got into off-grid water and electricity supply. It's possible to do now but complicated. Allowing people to live off the grid will open huge landmasses for homeownership and allow children to grow up on very large properties a la the Collison brothers.

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Are you serious??? Lack of internet access is a core tenet of why motherhood in america sucks?? Were you paid to shill for starlink - is this a sponsored article?

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"Work-from-a-home-near-San Francisco-or-New York will not solve America’s declining birth rate."


i'm really interested in anecdotally increasing amounts of co-living among families - both intra-family and inter-family (if i'm using that correctly, i mean people who are related living together and people with kids living literally in the same house, or connected homes or other neighborhood living arrangements meant to ease the single household burden)

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Hi Katherine -

Loved the piece but would add that the solution to said problem expands far beyond Starlink.

100's of broadband providers across the country are laying fiber at record scale to bring broadband to those who either have no connection at all or are stuck with one provider. At MyBundle.TV, we’re partnering with these broadband providers of all stripes (public companies, PE and VC backed companies, rural telcos, electric co-ops, WISPs and more) to help connect their current and future customers with streaming services that are right for each household. Reducing the friction of cord-cutting increases overall penetration & ROIs and allows them to grow their fiber footprints even faster.

And these providers aren't growing at just 5-10-20% rates. In total they will be laying fiber past more than 10mm homes over the next few years!

Closing the digital divide and the streaming revolution go hand in hand. The positive impact on our country is going to be mind blowing.

Always happy to share more.


Jason Cohen

CEO MyBundle.TV

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60% of college degrees are now women, 70% of high level grads. Women outnumber men in entry-level medical, legal, and executive roles by 2 to 1.

The "Fertililty Crisis" is just a fancy name for "Women have abandoned childbearing and have pushed men into the shadows" So now we have not enough children to maintain a stable society and at the same time, millions of insane, violent incel men learning how to handle firearms.

No, Starlink isn't the endgame. "Handmaid's Tale" is the endgame.

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what is the strategy for competent adults to meet and join forces to build off grid / rural and share the responsibility of septic, water, electric, roads, star link, childcare, cooking

it takes a village

where does one start to build a village. recruit villagers?

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I am very old. In the 60's, people moved to communes in Virginia and West Virginia. My best friend and her photographer husband and two young boys moved to one in Virginia. They lasted through two winters before giving up on the concept. Humans are notorious for not getting along.

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2022 is the year George Jetson will be born.

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